Monday, March 21, 2011

The April Question

Hey Farm Folk,
Farm Update: While most gardeners in Southern Ontario associate the May long weekend with planting time, the planting schedule is quite different for veggie farmers. We look for the first planting opportunity in April to get seeds in the ground. With an early-mid April planting, we can be in harvest mode by mid-May. This April we hope to plant salad greens, Asian greens, arugula, peas (snow and snap), radishes, turnips, and onions. I say "hope to plant" because when we are able to plant is completely out of our control. At the scale we are growing, in order to be able to plant, we first need to be able to till the soil with either a tractor, or rototiller. However, one cannot till when the soil is wet, as this will damage the soil, and the machinery. Thus, we need our soil to dry up enough for tillage to be an option. Our soil on the farm is a clay soil, which holds moisture very well --- making the drying process quite slow. Each year, it is a huge question when our first opportunity to plant will emerge. In 2008, our first year on the farm, due to soil wetness, we were not able to plant until Mid-May. Last year, by contrast, we were planting by April 13th. This year, we also have the option of planting on my new home land --- 10 acres in Sutton. If this soil dries more quickly than the farm in Brampton, then growing the early crops here may be an option. The annual April question is upon us --- how early will be able to plant? --- and the answer (like so much of farming, and life) remains out of our control.
The Cutting Veg in the Media: Lots of media attention for The Cutting Veg recently. Check us out in NOW magazine, the Healthy Money Podcast, and Canadian Foodie Girl blog:
CSAs in the GTA - Where are you getting your veg this harvest season?: The Cutting Veg is thrilled to offer another year of freshly harvested, local, organic produce through our 4 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) locations in the GTA! A CSA is a mutually beneficial partnership in which individuals or families receive fresh, local, organically grown produce weekly, while supporting local farmers and sustainable growing practices. The Cutting Veg Organic Farm grows and sources local, organic produce, and community members come to their chosen depot from June to October, to choose their weekly share. CHOOSE THE VEG YOU WANT! A few words from members of The Cutting Veg's other CSA's:
  • "Loving being a member of your CSA, which provides me and my family with healthy, fresh, and tasty produce each week. We'll miss you in the off-season, but until then...yummm!"
  • "Thank you!!! The vegetables are delicious. It's wonderful to know where they come from and to feel confident that they were grown with the well being of the consumers and the land in mind."
  • "My kids are eating more vegetables…and enjoying it! And my husband too!"
  • "I cannot tell you how happy we are to have joined the CSA. The spinach, garlic, and asparagus yesterday were amazing. I am spreading the word, and hope people realize how special it is what you and your team are offering."

Our pick-up locations are:

  • Holy Blossom Temple, Bathurst and Eglinton area (Tuesdays, 2:30-6:30pm)
  • Park Road Healing Arts, Bloor and Yonge area (Thursdays, 3-7pm)
  • Temple Sinai, Wilson and Avenue rd area (Tuesdays, 2:30-6:30pm)
  • Kavanah Garden, Bathurst and Rutherford rd. area (Thursdays, 3-7pm)
For more information, or to register for the 2011 season, visit , or contact Daniel at 647-388-7444, or

Intentional Community seeks new members: Whole Village is a unique place where you can live sustainably in the country, without being isolated. Have your own condo-style suite, plus shared facilities on 191 acres of beautiful, rolling property. Whole Village is a community for all ages. Live in an eco-friendly home, super-insulated against the elements. Radiant in-floor heating, lots of natural light, surrounded by nature. Enjoy incredibly fresh organic food, grown year-round on the property. Make the most of the common areas, library, games room, children's play area, huge kitchen, laundry room, office space. Share delicious meals regularly..,then retreat to your fully private suite. Whole Village is situated 15 minutes from Orangeville and 35 minutes from Brampton. If interested, come to a work-bee or monthly games night, stay at the B & B, or phone 519-941-1099, email, or visit

Looking forward to sharing an abundant and meaningful harvest season with you! Until then, Keep Livin' on the Veg!


P.S. Ten more days to take advantage of the CSA early-bird-bonus --- two weeks FREE! You can register at

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