Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garlic Q & A

James: hey Dan - I'm planning on growing some garlic this year - do you recommend any varieties/sources for good raw eating/medicinal....I'm living in zone 2 to 4, dry summer but have water on the land - thx dude!

Daniel: Hey James. Great to hear from you. All local, organic garlic is highly medicinal, and great for raw eating. I do not have a variety to recommend to your region as I have found most varieties succeed in most regions. That being said, the best strategy is to ask people who grow organic garlic in your region, and find out if there are certain varieties that tend to grow better there. Personally, I would just start with a bunch of different varieties, and see which ones seem to do best. They may all do great. Make sure to get your seed from an organic grower, or send me your email address if you want to be contacted in the summer as our harvest approaches. Also, after planting, I highly recommend mulching thickly with straw (2-3ft high) for moisture retention, which may eliminate the need for watering, suppress weeds, and eventually break down and feed the soil. All the best my friend, Daniel

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