Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farm Talk: CSA starts this week!

Hello Farm Folk,
Farm Update:
Sometimes farming can be harsh and cruel (see 2010 & 2011). And sometimes, it's pure joy and satisfaction. The crops are thriving, the team is happy, the weather has been kind. As we walk through our 11 acres of mixed veg, we can't help but feel good. The pea plants are abundant and flowering, and the kale & chard are big and luscious. The cilantro & dill are vibrant and healthy, and the tomato plants in the greenhouse are really starting to take off. The beans, melons, cukes, & zukes are all germinating beautifully, the sunflowers, garlic, & onions all have a healthy glow, and the transplanted peppers, eggplant, basil, & tomatoes are all looking very strong. Every crop seems to be thriving so far! Funny how two seasons can be so different. Last year we worked just as hard, but the results were a huge disappointment. The difference? The soil. It's all about having the right growing medium, which is nutrient rich and a nice texture. Whereas our soil at our old farm in Brampton was a heavy clay, the soil at our new farm in Sutton is a sandy loam. Great soil = Happy plants. Happy plants = Happy farmers. After two seasons of disappointment, I am falling in love with farming all over again.

Volunteers Welcome:
Each week we welcome volunteers to the farm from Sunday-Friday, 7:15am-4pm. If you are interested in helping on the farm this week or next, please rsvp to and let her know what day you want to come, and if you need directions to the farm, or a lift (leaving at 6am from Bloor & Christie area). Hope to see you on the farm soon!

Produce this week:
This week CSA members can expect to see the following items at the pick-up: Salad Mix, Green Onions, Green Garlic, Asian Greens, Radishes, Arugula, Dill, Rhubarb, and Potatoes. The potatoes were outsourced from another local, organic farm. CSA Members with any questions can contact Kirsten, our CSA Manager, at, or 647-964-2653.

Farmer D's Veggie Tips:
After a winter of living off preserves and store bought produce, what a joy to be eating our homegrown veg again. It's a "Greens-Lovers-Heaven" on the farm, with salad mix, arugula, and Asian greens mix all featuring. And soon the spinach, Swiss chard, and kale will be ready as well. Local green vegetables are precisely what our bodies need at this time of year, following a winter without fresh greens. While our arugula and Asian greens mix make fantastic salads, they are also excellent to cook with. They can be sautéed with green onions and green garlic as a side dish. Or tossed into a stir-fry, soup, curry, etc. Arugula Pesto is also pure bliss (see recipe below). Enjoy your greens!
  • Asian Greens Mix: Great as salad, or cooked
  • Green Garlic: Use as you would normally use garlic. Cut off the roots, and you can eat the entire plant!
  • Rhubarb: Stewed, or in a crumble --- YUM!
  • Arugula: Great as salad, or cooked
  • Potatoes: Store in a kitchen cupboard
  • Storage: With the exception of potatoes, all your veg will keep best in a sealed bag in the fridge 
Recipe: Arugula Pesto (for more recipes, see

This weeks recipe comes from Stephanie Frisch, at Sensible Wellness (

2 cups arugula
2 tsp garlic paste or 1 green garlic plant
4 tablespoons olive oil
2/3 cup raw walnuts
1/3 cup grated parmesan, or romano (optional)

Put all ingredients into a chopper or food processor. Chop/blend, until smooth. Store in an air tight container in the fridge. Will remain fresh for a few weeks.

 What to do with the pesto? In addition to using with pasta, try adding a couple tablespoons with vegetables (green, red, yellow peppers, zucchini, onions) that you can grill on the bbq or roast in the oven. Another great option is rubbing the pesto on salmon and adding a layer of feta cheese - you can BBQ this or bake it in the oven. The flavouring of the pesto bakes into the salmon providing great taste throughout.

That's all the news from the farm for now. Until next time, Keep Livin' on the Veg!

The Cutting Veg Farm Team

 P.S. If you haven't already joined our CSA, you can still do so in time for week 1 at

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