Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Former Cutting Veg Intern Launches Website for Growers

Distribution Platform And Operations Tracking For Agriculturalists: ExtraShare
Hi there, my name is Paolo and I'm a graduate of The Cutting Veg's intern program. While on the farm during the 2011 season, I was inspired and motivated to grow my own garden at home, and, with the knowledge I gained, was very successful. I was so successful, in fact, that I ended up with more than my family and I could consume! This led me to begin a search for ways to get these vegetables in the hands of hungry people near me. I started by giving them to friends and neighbours, but, when I still had leftovers, I turned to the internet. I started looking through sites like craigslist and Kijiji, but none seemed to be touching the food space, so I built a solution.

ExtraShare ( is a web application that enables gardeners to track their growth and map out extra stuff for distribution to community members. You can plot out markers, like seedlings, vegetables, space or even knowledge, on the public map, or log in and create private maps for your inner circle. I started one for my family and I. The latest feature, "My Grow Ops", helps users add pictures of their backyard gardens and indoor oases. It's been fun seeing how everyone's plants are progressing!

In addition to building the website, I've been helping out community spaces and getting involved with education programs for new participants. My main goal is to help push food security work forward, so we can ensure that tomorrow's generation has access to a clean environment and equitable food system.

Paolo Granelli


  1. What an amazing resource you have created for the community Paolo! Congratulations.