Monday, September 3, 2012

Farm Talk: Feeding the Soil

Hello Farm Folk,
Farm Update
We are blessed with a beautiful sandy loam soil on our farm. Having worked with clay exclusively during my first decade of farming, I find the sandier soil to be a joy to work with. There is something very therapuetic about running one's hands through our sandy growing medium while planting, or weeding. And while our soil gives us so much --- the joy of working with it, and amazing food! --- we do our best to give back. This is what makes an organic farmer an organic farmer. A deep commitment to, and passion for, caring for the soil. How do we do this? In addition to being 100% chemical free, we are very proactive in feeding the soil organic matter. Straw, manure, compost, worm castings...all of these offer vital nutrients, ensuring long-term health of the soil, healthy plants, and nutrient-rich veg. Feeding the soil --- spreading wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of compost onto our field --- is one of my favourite farm tasks. It's a simple, mindless activity, but one that serves not only those connected to the farm, but future generations, and the ecosystem as a whole. While we can't control the bounty of our harvest, we can ensure that our soil gets richer and healthier each year. During August, we've amped up our efforts to enrich the soil, by adding yards and yards of compost to the farm, and by growing cover crops (oats, buckwheat, etc.) Over the last 2 months of the farming season, feeding the soil will continue to be a major focus for us, and hopefully for all you home gardeners as well!
Stories From the Field
Hi! My name is Zandra and I'm an intern this year. When I am not on the farm, I can be found managing the weekly Leslieville Farmers' Market, going to a yoga class, a long run along the lake, or, my favourite... preparing a new salad creation with all the beautiful veg from the farm!! I was drawn to the internship to learn about growing organic veg, but even more so, to deepen my connection with nature and Nature (in other words, the physical and spiritual world we inhabit!). I enjoy most the inspiring conversations that naturally happen while working in the fields. As Daniel says, TCV is not only about growing veg, but helping to grow people into realizing their true potential. So with all that good energy floating around, no wonder our veggies taste so darn good! :) Bon appetite!
Join us for CSA Members Day
Come visit us on the farm for CSA Members' Day on Sunday Septemer 9th. Come for some farming, taste testing, story-telling, crafts, and fun for the whole family! Pick up your apples and honey for the holidays! Please join us on the farm from 1:30-4pm, at 535 Catering Rd. Directions from Toronto here: Look for the CSA Members' Day flyer with details at your CSA this week. See you on the farm!
Produce this Week
This week members should expect to see, from The Cutting Veg: Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Korean Garlic, Swiss chard, Fresh Herbs, Onions. From Zephyr Organic Farm: Carrots, Eggplant, Golden Beets.

Volunteers Welcome
Each week we welcome volunteers to the farm from Sunday-Friday, 7:15am-4pm. If you are interested in helping on the farm this week or next, please rsvp to and mention what day you want to come, and if you need directions to the farm, or a lift (leaving at 6am from Bloor & Christie area). Hope to see you on the farm soon!
1 large eggplant, cut into chunks
1 large onion, cut into chunks
1 large zucchini, cut into chunks
2 medium red peppers, seeded and cut into chunks
2 medium yellow peppers, seeded and cut into chunks
1 lb (450 g) cherry tomatoes (or large tomatoes, cut into 4)
4 garlic cloves, minced
6 Tbsp olive oil
Fresh basil for garnish (optional)
  • Preheat the oven to 475 F.
  • In a small bowl, mix olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.
  • Marinate all the vegetables in the olive oil mix. Make sure the vegetables are coated evenly.
  • Transfer the vegetables into a shallow ovenproof dish and put into the oven. Cook uncovered, for 30 to 40 minutes. The vegetables should be tender and browned at the edges.
  • Tear a few basil leaves for garnish.
  • Enjoy with cooked millet or buckwheat.
That's all the news from the farm for this week. Until next time, Keep Livin' on the Veg!
 The Cutting Veg Farm Team

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